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Proper Acoustics

Customizable acoustic treatment and solutions that create comfortable spaces for your ears and eyes.

Take Control of Your Space

Our aim is to not only make a room more inviting, but also more functional. We can transform any space to be comfortable not only to your ear but to your eyes. From basements and studios to conference rooms and sanctuaries and everything in between we offer customized acoustic treatment solutions.

Acoustic Treatment Solutions

Houses of Worship

Your house of worship is more than just a venue. That's why it's paramount to us that the message and music be clear whether online or in person.


Whether you're looking to build or upgrade your home studio or own and operate one, we have complete solutions for sound proofing your space.

Conference Rooms

We're here to help if your moving into a new office or renovating an old one. We offer complete sound treatment solutions for conference rooms.


A properly sound treated room ensures that private conversations stay private as well as eliminate distractions so you can have a more happy, productive office.

Home Theaters

Don't let your investment go to waste! We're here to help you create a space where you can enjoy not only what your watching, but what you're hearing.


Whether you're needing to improve the sound of a gymnasium or auditorium, look no further. We have custom solutions for any size of venue.

Seamless Fabric Solutions & Tackable Panels

Designed to accommodate nearly any architectural feature while remaining easy-to-install, seamless fabric and tackable panels are the best solutions to improve the acoustics of any environment. Fully customizable, we are able to tailor not only the fabric but the thickness of material to meet the needs of any space.

Sound Proofing

Sound transference through floors, ceilings and walls is an ongoing noise control problem. We use SoundSentinal® as the perfect solution to contain any sound transmission in your space. Completely manage the acoustics of your space and take full control of any space. 

DIY Projects & Measurements

We’re ready to be your partner for all of your Pinterest projects. Whether you’re a homeowner, small business owner or just want to tackle a project by yourself, look no further. Save big and complete your improvements by purchasing our seamless wall panel systems and pre assembled panels!