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Grace Pointe Church

Grace Pointe Church

Grace Pointe Church in Milwaukee Oregon has been a church home for many families over the decades. For many years, worship music has been a great priority to the elders. In the early 70’s a beautiful new pipe organ was installed, for that very reason. Although over the years some new inexpensive LED lighting had been installed, and data projectors were in place to assist a more modern look, it had been a long time since a major overhaul had taken place in the production department. 

Grace Pointe hosts three Sunday services; A contemporary service, a modern service and a Spanish speaking service. With a desire to begin broadcasting their services online, renovations in the audio, video and lighting department were a large priority.

The Problem:

    • Inadequate coverage through the room

    • PA lacking bottom end for the contemporary service

    • Uneven lighting making the online video quality sub par

    • Video screens too small for back row and balcony

Grace Pointe knew that Tone Proper would champion each of these issues while keeping the bottom line reasonable. Because of our years of experience working with churches and church boards, we know how to communicate and keep projects within budget.

The Solution


Previous to the upgrade all front light was achieved using 12 Colortran Elipsoidals. The set design was light with a mixture of slim pars and color bars provided by various manufacturers. We wanted to provide Grace Pointe with something that they could be proud of, something that would last a long time. So we chose Chauvet for the job! The key lighting was achieved with four Chauvet Ovation Fresnel. We chose the Chauvet Colorado Tri-Tour par lights for the color wash, and for accent lighting and back lighting we used 4 Chauvet  R2’s. We knew that moving from conventional lighting to LED’s and movers was going to be a challenge for some volunteers, so we built some simple starter shows and installed a ChamSys console for the control surface. 


Prior to the upgrade Grace Point had a solid Reinkus Heinz PA. It served them for many great years, but it was time to move forward. We knew we needed something that could provide smooth coverage all throughout and provide adequate headroom when the modern service came each week. So we chose FBT as our solution. Two FBT HORIZON VHA 112SA’s were flown in a horizontal array on each side of the stage. While the low end was provided by one FBT SUBLine 115sa. The results were an amazingly smooth coverage at nearly any volume, from front to back and in the balcony, as well as a surprisingly powerful low end punch!


We knew that in moving from two projection screens to just one center screen, we had to really make this count. So we were able to fit in budget a large center LED Wall. This was provided by our friends at Ledax in Vancouver Washington

Overall we are very proud of this install and are always very happy to serve our local churches. Whether you are local, or in another state, we would be happy to speak to you about your next project.